This section could easily be called about me, or about he, as Digit Entertainment is the brain child of, and is run by 1 person; Stephen Kaplan. (visit  to learn more about me)

That being said, Digit Entertainment is not a 1 man shop. There are many people involved in our projects, from designers, to developers, to social media managers, Digit Entertainment operates as a Lean Web/Mobile development company.

Having close to 17 years experience designing, building, and managing, some of the worlds largest web, mobile and gaming properties, the Digit Entertainment network of talent has grown to include some of the industries top talent.

As we develop new projects, we source the best talent around to create the best possible product without maintaining a large overhead and staff.
This keeps development costs low..and individual workloads high!

If we all didn't love what we do then we wouldn't have started developing our own properties!  

Currently we are in the final sprint of development on our first official Digit Entertainment Mobile Application (Mom vs Bad). This has been a labor of love that has been in development for close to a year. Mom Vs Bad is designed to bridge the gap to the world of mobile applications for those not as technically savvy. It has been designed to be easy to learn, entertaining to play, and maybe even a bit rewarding. Mom vs Bad was developed with my own Mother in mind, and believe me, she is not the most technically advanced person in the world. You can read the full story of why this game, why Mom as the protagonist  and how this all came about at

We at Digit Entertainment aim to produce some uniquely entertaining products and we hope you enjoy experiencing our work as much as we have creating it!